Signature Cocktails



Light, easy drinking cocktails perfect for the weather and great for the palette

Grapefruit Wine Crush
Grapefruit Vodka, Lillet Blanc, Fresh Grapefruit Juice & Agave Nectar
infuse together for a light & refreshing cocktail $13

Thyme is of the Effervescence
A thymely winter highball that mixes Floral Gin with Seasonal Cranberries & Thyme
topped with Bubbles $13

Pear & Prosecco Smash
Pear Juice & Prosecco combine for a flavorful Autumn indulgence $13



Classicly inspired cocktails with a little “Hitch”

Dirty Hitch
Ketel One Vodka, Olive Juice & a dash of Tabasco accented with Bleu Cheese-stuffed Olives $13

Cherry Sage Manhattan
Cherry and Sage-infused Vermouth & Rye Whiskey for a seasonal take on the classic Manhattan $13

Rum Raisin Old Fashioned
A flavorful and interesting twist on a classic favorite featuring Mount Gay Rum & Raisin Syrup $13

Cognac, Vanilla & Habanero syrup mix together for a liberal take on a London tradition $13

Winter Mule
Vodka, Parm Liqueur, Pom Juice, Lime & Ginger Beer deliver a fall-inspired take on the popular Moscow drink $13



Something a little different and meant to introduce your taste buds to unique flavors

Smokin’ Apples
Smoky Mescal, Applejack Brandy, Cinnamon & Celery create an enveloping aroma of flavors to warm you from the inside out $13

Earl’s Honey Toddy
An homage to the Scottish & Irish nightcap with Cognac, Honey Jack & Earl Grey Syrup … vitamin C for health, honey to soothe & alcohol to numb $13

Mulled Wine
A spice-forward, cold-weather cocktail with red wine, Armenian Brandy & Winter Spices $13

Lineman’s Coffee
Rumchata, Agave Nectar, Pisco & Coffee topped with Hazelnut Cream for a decadent, after-dinner eye opener $13

The Burnt Sienna
An Autumnal antidote for the cooler nights made with Rye Whiskey & Pumpkin Liqueur seasoned with Blood Orange Bitters $13